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1. The LOGO design of LITONG is designed with the Pinyin Initial of LI and Aluminium as the design carrier, which highlighting Enterprise and Industry specificity. The letter "L" perfectly embodies the metallic sense, image to pass the industry leading features of LITONG Group with aluminum products.

2. Litong LOGO with two "L" letters to build a strong sense of space "Hexagon", shaped like a beehive, showing the concept of home. Implied meaning of LITONG Group with high quality, beautiful, diverse Aluminium products to build a perfect home for consumers.

3. Litong LOGO to "Silver" and "Blue" two colors for the design elements. Silver reflects the Core values and Mission of LITONG Group to create China's Aluminium processing Industry chain; Blue symbolizes the Calm, Resolute, Rational and Intelligent enterprise style of LITONG Group, as well as steady development, the theme of the Will to live in harmony with Nature, to show LITONG people's broad mind and lofty ideal.

4. The LOGO shape succinct natural, fashion, rich sense of three-dimensional.To show the visual impression of "Persevering, Advancing with the Times, Innovating constantly, Embracing the world".

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